woensdag 11 augustus 2010

Virago update

It's been a while, I know, but we finally found some time again to work on the Virago while the CB 750 is still sitting in the backyard, waiting for parts.

Last time the bike wouldn't start, the starter motor just wouldn't turn over. We figured out it had to be the starter relais, so this time I brought a new one. I hooked it up while the bike was sitting in on the work table and hit the starter button: It worked. So after quite a bit of effort we had the bike of the table and outside so we wouldn't fill the shed with exhaust fumes and tried to start it. You guessed it right: Nothing. Just a ticking sound from the relais. It took us a pretty long time to figure out what the problem was: The side stand is too long, so we use a block of wood under the forward controls to park the bike. It turns out that the weight of the bike slightly rotates the forward controls causing the bracket for the brake pump on the forward controls to short circuit the wire to the starter motor... Anyway: It starts and it runs. We need to fine tune the carb, but this is enough for now. Next time we'll start on making a new wiring loom.

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