woensdag 18 augustus 2010

I've been riding

On the CB that is. Removed the top fairing + bracket, adjusted the clip ons and kicked it too life. I only did a couple of hundred meters, just to check the gearbox. The chain is still too long (too loose) and I ran straight into a problem. I already was afraid it would happen (or better put: I knew it would happen): The front dives under braking, the front wheel gets closer to the frame and gets stuck in between the exhaust pipes. Bummer. I want to keep the front this low, So I'll think I'll mount the CB750 forks that came with the triple tree, make them a little shorter and beef 'm up.
I just love the aggressive stance with the low front:

But I also managed to get a new research for my study. I'm really excited about the subject, but it also means I'll have to work really hard the next 6 weeks. There won't be many updates on this site, sorry. The good news is: We'll be working on the Virago again tonight.

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