vrijdag 30 juli 2010

New Project!

And it's hiding in here:

I wanted a bigger bike that could easily do highway speeds with a passenger. I preferred a twin, I just like twins. I guess it doesn't count as a twin whe it has 4 cylinders, but only two are running?

That's what the add said: running on only two. I like a challenge, so I went and had a look, 20 minutes later I'd bought a 1972 Honda CB750 K2:

It looked very rough and when I got there it was only running on 1 cylinder and leaking fuel. Took em those twenty minutes to get it on 3 and left the fourth one to do at home. Picked the bike up this morning and had a much better and longer look.

The overall impression I had when I had the first look was that is is a pretty shabby bike, I'm sure you'll think the same after looking at the photo with the whole bike in it. And sure enough: lot's of things are shabby, look at the chain for instance, or the exhaust. Or the paintjob. But the more I looked at it, the more I started seeing things that are actually a lot better than I remembered after seeing the bike for the first time. The engine is badly painted, but it won't be a hard job to remove that paint. A lot of the chrome still is very nice, like the rims and the front fender. The frame actually is really nice.

Took me only a couple of minutes and 1 kick to get the 4th cylinder to fire. You can hear it starting to join the rest of the cylinders at the end of this clip.

Pretty sure I'm going to have a lot of fun with this bike. I want to get it running first and than I'll see what I'll do about the looks and all.

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