woensdag 19 mei 2010

Loosing my patience....

I'm starting to get REALLY annoyed with the Suzuki. Anybody want to buy it?

This is why. I've been posting for months now that there are only minor things to do. And there are, but each time there are new, really annoying, minor things to do. Lately the bike has begun with stalling after 10 minutes or so and I can kick all I want: No spark, no life. I basically replaced the whole ignition, but no joy. Each time I change something (spark plug, spark plug cap, some wires, the coil, the wire between the coil and the spark plug, the ignition, all that) I seem to get a bit further so each time I have to walk further back home.

Also spend over 10 minutes to get the new grips on, they were really tight. It took just ONE kick for the left grip to come of, causing me to drop the bike and bend the handlebar. Exit handlebar. Now it's got normal clip-ons. Doesn't look nearly as good. Wanted to take a picture of it, but the bike died after 200 meters.

So now I've got a bike that I don't like to see or ride anymore. Even if I can get the problem above solved there's already a new one coming up: The bike started refusing to go to second gear.

I guess it's one of those days......

P.S.: Anybody in the Netherlands know a new ultra-low budget project for me?

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  1. Do something to a Yamaha Virago so it isn't such an imbarrasment to motorcycling.