zaterdag 29 mei 2010

It's for sale (the Suzuki)

Did some minor work on the Suzuki yesterday and tried to go for a ride. It started, died, started again,m died again and then lost all compression. No weird noises, but just no compression anymore. No patience anymore either.

I tried to put this bike together as good as I can. For the insiders: that means no dztn's ;)). But yesterday I realized again that I just don't enjoy working on this bike anymore and that was the whole point of this bike: enjoying the build. I don't particularly enjoy riding it either, with my 2 meters en nearly 100kg's I'm just to big for this little bike. So I'm going cut my losses and sell it. So if anyone's interested, it's really cheap ;).

It also means that I'm looking for a new project, so if anyone has a dirt cheap, next to free, project bike waiting in his or her shed to be remodeled with an angle grinder: Please contact me.

In the mean time I'll just bore you guys with some more pics of the BMW. Some guy gave me some really good tips on how to get the photo's looking better with the free program Gimp. So I tried it out on a few older shots.

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