dinsdag 6 april 2010

Been riding

I needed to be at a lot of places all around my home town yesterday. The schedule was a bit tight and the weather bright and sunny. Didn't take me very long to decide to take the BMW. I was scared that the battery wouldn't last since a lot of the places I needed to be were only a few hundred meters apart, so I used the kicker all day. Never took me more than 3 kicks :)

Wish I could find some more time to finish the Suzuki. While the BMW is a LOT of fun, riding the Suzuki should be cheaper.

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  1. cheaper???
    in what sense??


    btw... your bmw looks great!!


  2. The BMW CAN do about 20 km's to the liter. But I do have some trouble controlling my right hand, so in reality it's a bit more thirsty.

    The Suzuki should easily do 30 km's to the liter. Considering the fuel prices it's a lot cheaper. Besides, I hate leaving the BMW somewhere unguarded, I care less about having the Suzuki out of view.

    and: thanx! :)

  3. Both do considerably better than my FT500 (500cc single cylinder Honda) that does about 18 km to the liter if I manage to control my right hand to the extremes and use the clutch to roll significant parts of the way
    Looking to replace it with a BMW, either a K75/100 rs/s or something with airheads. Cost is a definite issue, my budget goes up to 1500 euro's at the moment. (Student he, dan is dat veel geld) Costs of fuel are insane at the moment so that's not helping either.

    Great looking bikes btw, so you have any idea how "jat-gevoellig" (prone to theft) a BMW is in general? I'll need to park it outside, most of the time. :( Thankfully in the sleepy towns of either Zutphen or Malden (just south of Nijmegen) but still.

  4. ...but still... good luck!
    u have to take good care of your precious ones!


    btw.. i remember the k75 costs between 1000-2000 in italy!
    take a look there too!!!


  5. K bikes are cheaper than that here. You should be able to get one for around 750,-.

    I would go for an airhead. I build mine, the blue caferacer, for roughly the same budget (student too ;)). You have to be lucky... I found one that was damaged in a crash and don't forget that when you turn a bike into a caferacer there's a lot of original parts you can sell.
    I think the airheads are a bit more prone to be stolen, but if you look on M-F you can see they steal any bike. Both brand new GSXR's as 25 year old rustbuckets that are worth 200,- at the most.

    Sakeracer: Thanks :)

  6. Mindbeginner:


  7. when u say here... here where???


  8. ops...
    i just noticed!
    the netherlands!!!


    keep a k75 for me please!!
    i have a project on my mind...

    BMW Schnell Dreifach


    (and it remains a 3-cylinder)


  9. :)

    Plenty of K-bikes around here. If you ever start a project with a K bike, please send me photo's!