zondag 24 januari 2010

faculteit fysische geografie Universiteit Utrecht

I've got exams, so there's not going to be many build updates. Besides, it's snowing again and the forecasts aren't promising anyhting better.

During my breaks from studying I like to surf the net (much of the studying is on the computer. One of the exams will be in Excel. I HATE Excel). On one of my favorite fora ADVrider I came across a topic about Nimbus: A Danish motorcycle brand form the past, manly known for their very cool engine set up; inline engines.
One of the replies in this topics mentions a journey that two guys form Norway are making on their 1937(!!) Nimbus sidecars. No supporting 4wd's, no supporting doctors and twice the distance of Long Way Round. How cool is that?

This is their website and this is their blog.
I'm jealous.... Some day, I'll make a similar journey...

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