woensdag 16 december 2009

The BMW story part II

When I'd build de CX500 caferacer for my Girlfriend I was still riding my Yamaha YZF 750R (that I had customized, naturally). The YZF is an absolute fantastic bike, but it was just impossible to ride with both the YZF and the CX at the same time. 

The person on the CX would have to race like an idiot while the person riding the YZF would hardly pass the 2000rpm mark. So that's when I decided to sell the YZF, buy a bike and rebuild it to something special.

I went looking for a god bike to build into a cafe. The first thing that came to mind was a Moto Guzzi. So off I went to a shop with a Le Mans.

I hated the fact that it had a steeringdamper. I just hate those things... but I still liked the bike. However, the guy also had a BMW R100 and he insisted that I would try that bike too. I fell in love within 200 meters. The bike he let me ride was too far gone for me and it had two rear shocks. I prefer the monoshock R80 eventhough it has less power. During my search I came across a crashed R80 monoshock with an R100 engine and Wilbers shocks. Perfect (I thought)

Here's the beauty I bought :). And a few hours later:

More on the BMW next time...

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