vrijdag 24 juli 2009

BMW Update

I also found time to work on the BMW. The engine has been rattling for a while. After checking the valve clearances and doing a few internetsearches (and hear a couple of BMW's make the same noices) I decided it would be normal valve sounds (remember, loud valves, are happy valves). But on the Achterveld caferacermeeting a guy came up to me. He had been a BMW mechanic for a large part of his live and he told me my timing chain is the source of all the rattling. I decided changing the timing chain wouldn't hurt. It won't..... The old chain was about 0.5 cm's longer than trhe new one, the tensionerspring about 1,5 cm's shorter than the new one and this is what the tensioner itself looked like:
There was quite a bit of slack on the chain, so I'm vconvinced that the chain was the source for all the rattling you could hear:
 I decided not to save time or money on this job, I just want to do it right. So I ordered a lot of stuff; head, foot and carter gaskets, new (stainless) pushrodtubes (and the rubbers), timing chain, guides, tensioner, spring, brake cups and some more. I also went to IKEA (yes, IKEA) and bought new soon-to-be velocitystacks (one of the currentones got damaged in a 'backfire incident'). I don't know what they are supposed to be (I think they're for salade oil), but with little work they'll be great velocitystacks for very litle money :)

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